Saturday, November 28, 2015

Masonik will be presenting Exodus in early 2017 - this will be the second installment in the 
Altar'd Lament project.

Altar’d Lament is a multi-disciplinary art installation and performance project by the Masonik arts-collective that explores the rise, fall and rise again of the early 1900’s musical style known as Rebetika – an underground form of music comprised of both near-Eastern and Western influences that was eventually banned and its performers persecuted.

The Altar’d Lament project involves the development of a series of audio-visual multi- medium artworks, presented as a narrative concerning the evolution, development and controversial censorship of the Rebetika musical style. Through this narrative, Masonik seek to encourage audiences to consider the paradox that a cultural form can be simultaneously fragile and resilient, both comforting and threatening.