Artist Statement.

An art installation inspired by the lost underworld of Rebetiko.

Altar’d Lament is a multi-disciplinary art installation and performance project. These contemporary artworks explore the creative act; the journey from exodus to realisation.

Though the critical locus of the project is the destruction of the cosmopolitan city of Smyrna in 1922, Altar’d Lament is a pantheon for Neo-rebetes.

Masonik embarked on a pilgrimage to Piraeus and Athens to confront rebetiko; a cultural form that can be simultaneously fragile and resilient, both comforting and threatening. Out of this experience a collection of artworks were created that fuse sculpture, photography, video, music, original vinyl recording and laser cutting.

The installation has also included many live musical performances by Masonik, both in Greece and Australia.

A Refuge for the exiled, the tradition altered creating a narrative to an open-ended underworld. So was created this Unorthodox Amanes Altar.

Galleries interested in viewing the full catalogue of works please contact Masonik

Below are a selection of works from the installation:
Odean Drift Study (sculpture / video)
Continuous Icon Generators (sculpture / video)

Tavli (acrylic laser cut & vinyl record)
Skyscape (alumalux photographic print / sculpture / video)